Saturday, June 30, 2012

Caffeinated Recordings Compilation- album artwork

 This cd releases today folks!  I created the album artwork for Caffeinated Recording's fourth studio compilation.  This Chicago Logan Square recording studio is filled to the brim with great folks and fantastic Chicago Bands.  Get yourself a copy because this is the good stuff.  You should try to get your hands on physical copy but you can also download the music here.  The compilation features music by The Columbines, The Heavy Bombers, Century Rocket Building, Mastro, Radiant Republic, Whales, Lines and Terminals, Begin Ny Gathering Supplies, Vansassa, Mayor For Life, Bone & Bell, noise&light, TripWirz, Small Awesome, Jimmy Two Hands, Nonagon, The Cell Phones, White Mystery, Cmn ineed yr hlp, .22, and Minutes.


Front Cover

Back Cover

Front Inside Cover

Back Inside Cover

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